Posted by: cindylewton | June 27, 2010

A Romantic Fairy Tale DIY

I try not to re-post.  However, I love this story so much, here I go.

Sandra Foster experienced losing a family home as a teenager resulting in periods of homelessness, and living in friends’ and family members’ homes.  She grew up, became self supporting, married, but never forgot her dream of a magical sense of place of her own.  However, Ms. Foster didn’t just dream, she made it a reality.  She took an old hunting cabin on her property and turned it into a tiny Victorian cottage–a romantic place of her own.

Sandra did all the work herself for $3000…there is no running water or electricity, and no road to it.  One has to walk out into the forest and across a creek.  And she still was able to create this beautiful retreat.

Read the complete story in the NY Times here.   See additional pictures here.  Enjoy.

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