Posted by: cindylewton | June 10, 2010

Decor to Adore

Aren’t blogs fun?  I recently found this wonderful blog, Decor to Adore, and discovered that the wonderful, talented designer behind this blog lives locally in the Phoenix area.  By the end of that day we met each other for dinner and I look forward to getting to know Laura Ingalls Gunn better–what a sweetheart!

And you have a chance to get to know her also!  Laura is submitting an audition video to Oprah!  Laura discusses green design, recycling, cost savings and more on her clever video–click here to view the video and vote.

On a different subject, I have suggested magenta/fuchsia  in a color package for a client.  She is still deciding, but in the meantime, I’m thinking about it a lot!

Isn’t this a lovely room from Harlequin in the UK?

And remember, go vote for Laura!

Enjoy your day!

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